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Valerie Osumek – Fashion Designer

ABOUT October 13, 2009



I’m Valerie Osumek, a fashion designer located in Toronto, Canada.

I design vintage inspired, one of a kind womenswear and accessories.  I’ll be updating this regularly with things that inspire me and my creative works in progress.

I make unique, artistic items out of vintage and dead stock fabric and leather. I’m really inspired by unique patterns and textures in fabrics. Over the years I’ve both designed collections and created custom pieces for boutiques and individual clients.

I have also created many custom pieces for agency creative, commercial and film and television productions.

Please feel free to add comments if you like what you see.




6 Responses to “ABOUT”


    Of course I like what I see, Valerie!!!!

    What a nice surprise! Your new collection it’s gonna be realized very soon!!!! How I wish to be there in T. O. to witness this great show!!!!

    It won’t be possible at the moment, but I hope to do it as soon as I can.

    Best regards from México City


    Good Bye!


  2. Jen Ryan Says:


    Love the designs and creativeness of your clothes, especially as theyre one off creations – beautiful and unique

    All the best for your show on the 5th


  3. babblesbybex Says:

    Marg suggested that I look at your site.

    Beautiful designs and lovely pictures – I really enjoyed.

    I will keep an eye out for your wearable art in TO.

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